The Contact Logger was designed for research in-the-wild. It can be used to record contact in both public and private settings, enabling the measurement of contact when and where it happens (e.g., in near-time). Near-time means asking participants to log the contact they have just had, directly after it has occurred and while still in the location of the contact event. It typically takes approx. 17 seconds to log a contact event.

Please note, the project page is currently still under construction. At the moment, it provides only basic information about the app. For more detailed information, please see the publications page. We are also working on a new version (v3) that will support the latest Androidâ„¢ OS better and includes some new features. If you'd like to be informed when the new version becomes available please sign-up here for notification.


  • Daily attitude measurement of outgroup
  • Contact situation / setting
  • Relationship of the contact partners
  • Gender and age of the contact partner
  • Approx. duration of the contact event
  • Group typicality, i.e., how typical was the contact partner for their group
  • Relative status of contact partner
  • Experience (Quality) of contact event
  • Geographical location of contact event

Additional features

  • Ability to take photos from within the app
  • Password-protected administration area
  • Export of locally stored participant data
  • Support for an offline map
  • Support of older Android OS Versions (from Android 5.1 upwards)