Both the source code and a pre-compiled APK1 of the initially developed Contact Logger app are free to download for your research project. If you require specific modifications, please don't hesitate to contact us.

How to install the pre-compiled app

The app can be installed on any Android smartphone with Android OS 5.1 (Lollipop, API Level 22) or higher. The simplest way to install the app is to visit this page with your Android smartphone. Then click on the link above and download the app to your phone. Once downloaded, click to install it.

A note about warnings

Your phone may warn you that the downloaded APK could be dangerous and is from an unknown source. This is because the app is not hosted on Google's Play Store. If you have a newer Android phone, it may also tell you that app is blocked by "Play Protect". This is Google's latest security measure to warn you about apps developed for a lower Android OS than Oreo 8.0. You will also have to ignore this warning and choose to install the app regardless. Notices about the app having being developed for older Android version can also be ignored. The app has been tested with Android 10 and found to be working just fine. We will, however, soon bring out an update, which will remove some of these warnings.

  1. An APK (Android package file) is an installation file for an Android application.