Capturing contact when it happens, where it happens

The Contact Logger is an open-source, native Androidâ„¢ application designed to capture (intergroup) contact events in public and private settings. Instead of relying on retrospective accounts of contact from participants, contact events can be captured in near-time, e.g., directly after they have occurred. Apart from typical measures associated with intergroup contact (e.g., status, typicality, quality of experience), the app also collects indoor and outdoor geographical location data. This makes it possible to explore and visualise how contact was experienced, when and where it happened.

Visit the project page to learn more about the Contact Logger (specifications, features and screenshots). The download page offers both the source-code and a pre-compiled apk. Although there will be no further developments to the free version of this app - it will, however, be maintained to ensure functionality with current and future versions of Android.

Please contact us if you need support in developing the app for your own research.